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Fan Character SamuelEdit

ST Samuel

Samuel's 1st job

Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Weapons Tekko, Tantou, Katana, Zanbatou
Original Job Karateka
Age 14
Affiliations Grand Chase

Character Samuel


Made by: Sakura95

Age: 14

Favourite activity: Trying to be better than Sakura, being with his little sister, trying to get a girlfriend...

Pet Peeve: He hates onion. And spiders.

Samuel is a nephew of Sakura. Her sisters were able to escape from burning village. One of them, Vanessa (no, not Vanessa, the Druid) had two children – Samuel and Tsuya. After the Sakura’s leaving, he couldn’t just stay in home. He heard many tales about the brave Knights of Grand Chase and wanted to become one of them. Just like his aunt. His first meeting with a Grand Chase Knight was when he met Jin. He helped Samuel when he was attacked by Anmon Scouts. Jin taught him many useful moves, so soon Samuel left the family and he was ready for the journey of his life. To join the Chase.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
35000 GP Worn-Out Samuel Mission
  • Clear Temple of Cuatal 30 times on 3 star difficulty.
  • Collect 50 Bermesiah Fighting Techniques
  • Collect 50 Silver Fighting Techniques
  • Collect 40 Ellia Fighting Techniques
  • Collect 30 Xenia Fighting Techniques
9500 Cash Premium Samuel Mission
  • Collect 2 Crystals


  • "Stand and fight!"
  • "C'mon! I'll show you!"
  • "Don't get up!"
  • "Need a lil' help here..."
  • "You were an honorable fighter..."
  • "You need some more hours of training, don't ya?"
  • "I won!"