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Fan Character SakuraEdit

Sakura Elementalist

Sakura's 1st Job

Gender unknown
Hometown unknown (was burnt to the ground and is already forgotten)
Weapons Sakura's Favourite Staff
Original Job Elementalist
Age 17
Affiliations Grand Chase
Sakura Staff

Sakura's Favourite Weapon - Sorcerer's Staff

Character Sakura


Made by: Sakura95

Age: 17 (Physical), 9000+ (Mental).

Favourite activity: Casting spells, smashing things (personally she considers that true power isn't destroying, but creating), being with friends, beating Ellix, showing off.

Pet Peeve: Annoying people, being considered as a girl or a weaker one.

She spent early years of life on reading magic books, and studying 5 basics of elemental magic (fire, water, wind, earth and electricity). In age of 15 her native village was destroyed and burnt to the ground by the evil forces of Anmon. She, her sisters and children of the elder one were the only who survived. Sakura decided to punish these, who destroyed her peaceful life. She grabbed her favourite wooden staff, said 'goodbye' to family and built her way through thousands of Anmon's minions to the source of whole evil...

Full story can be found here.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
40000 GP Worn-Out Sakura Mission
  • Defeat Dark Anmon 25 times on 3 star difficulty
  • Collect 200 Books of Knowledge: Elements in any dungeon on Ellia Continent
10000 Cash Premium Sakura Mission
  • Collect a Gem
  • Collect a Crystal


Sakura uses the same weapon (staff) during her 5 jobs. The appearance of her weapon cannot be changed. Instead of better/different weapons, she uses magic runes (not these like "Brave Old Rune Armour") which increase her attack and somewhat change the appearance of staff.