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[[File:|frame|Lord Raeo's 3rd Job]]

Scythe Staff

Lord Raeo's 3rd Weapon

Scythe Staff2

Lord Raeo's 3rd Weapon


He spins his scythes one of two ways. Connected in a scythe staff or one in each hand (one held forward and one in reverse-grip). Either way is painful for those who get in the way.


Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
50000 GP Manipulator Mission (GP)
  • Collect 100 Scythe Fragments
  • Collect 100 Ryan Techniques
  • Clear ALL Ellia Continent Dungeons
  • Collect 100 Gems
9800 Cash Manipulator Mission (Cash)
  • Collect 10 Scythe Fragments
  • Collect 1 Ryan Technique
  • Clear ANY 3 Ellia Continent Dungeons
  • Collect 1 Gem

Basic Moves

Scythe Staff Mode

1st Mp Skill (Rotating Slash II): Lord Raeo slashes the enemy up into the air and then while they're in the air he pulls his hand back and spins the staff and then the enemy falls as he strikes out with the spinning staff sending the monster spiraling backwards.

2nd Mp Skill (Scything Spin): He rushes forward and knocks whatever is in front of him into the air. He jumps up and holding the staff above his head spins it like a helicopter slicing what's above him and sending it skyward and then into the ground.

3rd Mp Skill (Reapers Blow): Lord Raeo slams his staff into the ground which criticals any (non-boss or mini boss) monster within five levels of Lord Raeo's. Lower than five and they die. Higher than 5 and it varies as it does with a mini or regular boss.

Forward and Reverse Mode

1st Mp Skill (?):

2nd Mp Skill (?):

3rd Mp Skill (?):