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Raide Icon

Mission Description: "Son of Kaze'aze, you are a skilled warrior already, but you have not harnessed your true power, join the Ravagers, they are an ancient order who were feared even by Kaze'aze herself. It will not be easy, but i believe in you."- Mysterious cloaked man

Overview Edit

Ravagers are almost completely different to Guardian, Attack in increased dramatically but Defense and Vitality harshly decrease. Speed has also increased, making Ravagers effective against enemies such as rangers in pvp.

Attack: High

Defense: Low

Vitality: Low

Attack Mode Edit

Tripper trap: Raide swings his maces under his enemies legs, sending them to the floor

Smash Clank: Raide repeatadly smashes his maces on his opponents head, before sending them flying

Shockwave: Raide jumps into the air and smashes his maces onto the floor, almost exactly the same as Kaze'aze hands attack, but a longer range

Quotes Edit

"A thousand people have died under the Ravagers wrath!"

"Come on!"

"Your next!"


"Power... Unlimited POWER!!"

"Your not helping yourself!"