Hana 1st Job:Ninj


1st Job:Ninja

2nd Job:Ninja Knight

3rd Job:Kamikaze Ninja

4th Job:Kage Ninja

5th Job:Dao Ninja



Speed Bar:Grows Speed every time you hit(It never drops)


The ninja holds senbons for weapons.Senbon are needles used for throwing making this job non-melee.The throws are very weak so Hana has to throw 3 at a time for a regular attack.But despite the low attack,she can gains speed by getting excited,or hitting monsters.The guage for the speed is down below the HP bar.The speed never drops unless you activate it.Once active,you can go faster than her regular speed and you can do her specials faster.The speed bar is not for a power increase,it justs speeds up her movements.But when she does a move faster she can land more hits,so I guess you can say it has more power.


Slayer Strike:She throws 3 senbon,then throws one senbon knocking the enemy down.

High-Speed Spiral:Sends 7 senbon in a shuriken form and throws it the moment it hits the shuriken will explode the 7 senbon in the spiral for 2 sec.

Senbon Mania:Throws 4 senbon,stabs with one 3 times,then puts her arms together and then explodes,throwing senbon everywhere.


Regular Combo:Throws 3 senbon,turns in a small circle and throws 3 with the right hand and 3 with the other one.

Critical Combo:Throws 2 senbon,more powerful.

Double Combo:Throws a senbon thats more greater than any senbon and knocks the enemy down.

Jump Attack:Throws 2 senbon down.

Defensive Get up:She backflips.

Double Jump:Press Up in mid-air.

Evasion:She puts her hand on the enemy's head and cartwheels behind it.Press Up during a combo.

Dash Attack:Looks behind her and shoots 2 senbon.

Grab:Knocks the enemy down and stomps 3 times.


  • Think you can beat me?
  • Get ready for this!
  • Ninjas Rule!
  • You wanna play or die.
  • Tell me when you feel like you wanna kill me.
  • Victory is mine!
  • Impossible...
  • My speed should've stopped you...


Hello,Grand Chase,My name is Hana,and I came from Agradon,the land of treasures.I've been training in the Ninja Temple and probably have the most potential in the ninja world.If you want,can you please accept me for your team,I'll make a good teamate.


GP Mission:

  • Finish the final dungeon of Bermesiah in 3 stars
  • Finish the final dungeon of Ellia in 3 stars
  • Finish the final dungeon of Xenia in 3 stars
  • Finish the final dungeon currently in Alcrubra in 3 stars
  • Finish the final dungeon of Silver Land in 3 stars
  • Finish the final dungeon currently in Archemedia in 3 stars

Cash Mission:

  • Collect 1 Crystal

Theme SongEdit

Hitman Reborn Opening 5