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Fan Character Nina Edit

Nina missionary

Nina's 3rd Job

Gender Female
Home Continent Xenia
Hometown Snow Caped Kingdom, Xenia
Weapons Bracelet, Mirror, Crystal, Pendulum
Original Job Missionary
Age 15
Affiliations Grand Chase, the gods

Description Edit

Made By: Marcus From GC BR officially he made it for GC's ideas and character submission.

Age: 15

Favorite Activity: Training to be more powerful than arme

Weakness:Losing to Arme, hail

Unlocking Edit

Cost Mission Item Mission Objectives
3000 GP Worn-Out Nina Mission
  • Collect 5 Cobra Scrolls
  • Collect 1 Mynos Heart
  • Collect 1 Test Tube
  • Collect 10 Espinhos ( Thorns (?) )
  • Collect 60 Ruby Dust
500 Cash Premium Nina Mission
  • Collect a Gem