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Sinclaire icon

Using Huge metal DVD's, Sinclaire can defeats enemies quickly and effortlessly, whilst at the same time being fast and durable, her time travel abilities have also grown, allowing her to bring much bigger objects back from their times

Worn-out Member mission
  • Collect 300 DVD fragments
  • Collect 10 Gaikoz Gloves
Prenium Member mission
  • Collect 10 DVD fragments
  • Collect 1 Gaikoz glove



Ballerina Shredder: Sinclaire spins with her DVDS out, damaging anyone foolish enough to approach

Disc Wheel: Sinclaire rolls both DVDS across the floor, hitting all enemies ahead

Data Barrier: Similar to Aegis Knights "Magic Defense" except it has a maximum time limit of 15 seconds

Time travel:

Guy Fawkes: Sinclaire brings Guy Fawkes back from time, and he throws explosives ahead

Pompeii: The Volcano at Pompeii appears and erupts, petrifying all enemies hit by the lava

Blitz: German Bombers appear above the field and drop their load onto the battlefield, dealing massive damage


"Hit the deck!"

"You're about to get RAMMED! And that pun was intended!"

"Check it out!"

"Who knew, your ugly AND stupid"

"Stand back kiddos, its my turn!"