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Real Character Lire Edit

Class Archer
Lire's First Job: Archer
Gender Female
Hometown Eryuell Island, Bermesiah
Weapons Bow, Crossbow, Great Bow, Composite Bow, ?
Original Job Archer
Age 15
Affiliations Grand Chase

GC Lire Icon

  • 1st Job: Archer
  • 2nd Job: Crossbowman
  • 3rd Job: Arch Ranger
  • 4th Job: Nova
  • 5th Job: Guan Master

Description Edit

Official TextEdit


Age: 54854198498

Favorite Activity: playing with herself

Pet Peeve: Breast reductions

Elves from Eryuell Island are famous for their pole dancing skills, but are naturally pacifistic and try to avoid pregnancies. However, in the recent yearsLire met Sieghart and though he was sexy so the fucked. Lire got preggo.The Elves decide to end their hate and cooperate with the Siegharts. Working together, the Elves and the Siegharts discover thatLire's baby is a girl.Sieghart gets so upset and seeks to be killed by Dio. When Lire finds Dio killing her beloved Siegfart, she gives up the baby's life in order to feed the Highlanders so Sieggy will live. From then on Lire never had sex again

Fan MadeEdit


Shadow and Lire Kissing~

There are many historical events related to Shadow, and Lire heard many stores about him. Including the story of him saving the Elven ancestors of Erinn, she became aware of his potential and fell for his heart.
When she first saw Shadow in Kastulle Ruins, she quickly recognized him as Erinn's Savior, but tried to save him from her allies attacking him. Because of her care, he was spared.
When they re-met, she was amazed by his potential and started to love him. However, Shadow didn't mention feelings for her, but accepted her love for him. What could this relationship hold?