During their travels, the Grand Chase discover a castle ruled by the mysterious Crimson Mages, a branch off from the violet mages that sided with Kaze'aze, knowing that they harness a great evil, Arme informs the group that they must defeat the Crimson mages to make sure that they do not continue to rain there wrath upon the innocent.




  • The team are falling from the sky for some reason*

Raide: Christ! *faceplant*

  • the rest of the team land on their feet, Sinclaire giggles*

Sinclaire: Can you do anything right brother? Heehee!

  • Sinclaire pulls him up, as he dusts himself off comically*

Elesis: Can someone tell me where the hell we are?

Leon: I don't remember this on the brochure kiddo, but where-ever we are, this ain't no beach paradise.

Arme: Wait, I know this place, its her castle!

  • The gang tilt their heads, dumb founded*

Deimos:... Her castle?

Arme: Ms. Antheia Emil, she used to be a violet mage like myself, a teacher to be exact. She suddenly stopped teaching one day, and her replacement claimed that she was moving to Kanavan to help the wounded.

Raide: Hmmm, by any chance is she good looking?

  • Deimos and Sinclaire slap him at the same time*

Raide: Aiee!

Arme: There were some rumours that she actually joined Kaze'aze a few years later, and created the Crimson Mage branch.

Elesis: And exactly wheres your evidence of this?

  • Arme points at the large amount of Crimson Mages ahead*

Elesis: Oh... Crap...Charge!

Mini-boss: IantheEdit

Ianthe: Stay back from my mistress, chase!

Raide: Ooooo! Lovestruck, I'm falling for her!

  • Leon grabs hold of is shoulders, shaking him violently*

Leon: Don't fall into her lure! Shes way out of your league! ITS A TRAP!

  • Ianthe growls, casting a shockwave at the two. They leap away at eachother*

Raide: Fat woman! ARRRGH!!

Leon: A flesh eating zombie! STAY BACK!

Arme: Your no Crimson mage!

Ianthe: Indeed, I am a Cerulean Mage

Deimos: What? They really exist!?

Lire: The users of the lost Blue Magic's. A psychological magic that messes with how you conceive reality.

Ianthe: All you know, I might not even be here. Hell, you could already be dead right now!

  • Elesis breaks up Leon and Raide*

Elesis: Hell to that, you're going DOWN!

Mini-boss Ianthe EndingEdit

Ianthe: How could you beat techniques such as mine!?

Elesis: Because we worked together, we saw our nearby friend, we heard for them, as they did to us.

Ianthe: Don't you understand fool!? I'm the last user of such magic, ever since my master Atelier was murdered!

Deimos: Your not going to die. Come with us.

  • Ianthe suddenly draws a large knife*

Deimos: NO!

  • She stabs herself, and falls to the floor. Dead*

Arme: She did the right thing. Such magics shouldn't exist anymore. She, in a way, just saved many lives at the cost of her own...

Raide: Lets keep moving guys, we're nearly at the top!

Boss: AntheiaEdit

Raide: Hate to break it to you, but Ianthe's d-Ooooo!

  • Sinclaire literally tackles Raide to the floor*

Sinclaire: Its for your own good! Stop lusting for every woman you see!

Raide: Hey! I don't! I don't lust for Elesis! Yet again. Is he a she he she?

Elesis: You-

Antheia: Why are such ass-wipes given a great rep? Your less organised then Harris Crystal Palace.

Elesis: I'll pretend I understood that joke.

Antheia: Can it, brat. As for you.

  • Antheia points at Deimos, he tilts his head.*

Antheia: Hmm, so you don't remember, huh? Is it because of my once black but now greying hair? How stressed you made me for taking Kabane away from me!?

Deimos: I don't recall knowing a Kabane. We 'Azes are reknowned for our bad memory, as well as terrible sense of direction.

Antheia: Maybe when I rip out your rips and shove them down your EYES you'll remember! Bring it on, ass-hats!

Boss Defeated: AntheiaEdit

Antheia: You... Rat... Bastar-

  • Deimos offers her his hand, she glares upwards, grinning insanely*

Antheia: What the hell do you want me to do? Kiss it?

Deimos: Now I'm gonna give you a choice. Either you can join us on our journey, or we'll take you back to Kanavan, where you can live a normal life.

  • Antheia's grin grows*

Antheia: I call whichever way results in more deaths. Maybe joining you can help me find what I seek.

Raide: This Kabane fellow?

Antheia: Got it in one, ass-bite. I guess I'm going to be your guide

  • She bats away Deimos' hand, and rises herself