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Character Samuel


Karateka (karate fighting style user) is similar to Jin’s 1st job, Fighter. He uses bare hands or tekko (Japanese brass knuckles). It gives him 2 different kinds of skills. As a melee fighter, Samuel has good attack, can jump higher and move faster, but he has low defense and vitality.


Karateka is a starting character so he doesn’t need to be unlocked.


Pressing the 'X' key will cause the change to 2nd skills and tekko weapon. Tekko attacks are a bit different than normal, they are slower and stronger.

  • ZZZZZ - basic combo, finishes with an uppercut
  • Z< - kick
  • ZZZ^ - backflip kick
  • Z (after jump) - "Earth Divide"; slashes the ground with bare hand
  • Z (while dash) - double-feet kick
  • ^^ - double jump



Level Name Effect
LVL 1 Wind Cross Karateka cuts the air with his hand and sends the cross to his enemies.
LVL 2 Never-ending Kick Karateka’s foot kicks the enemy over 9000 times (not really this time).
LVL 3 Punch Of Falcon Also known as "Falcon Punch". Huge amount of ki (energy) explodes as Karateka punches the enemy.


Level Name Effect
LVL 1 Power "A" Karateka does an uppercut, hits in mid-air, then finishes with a kick, marking the letter "A".
LVL 2 God's Wind Karateka becomes invincible for 3 sec. After this time, he explodes, damaging enemies and himself.
LVL 3 Fists On Fire Triples the attack power of Karateka for 15 seconds.