As a Hunter, Aragazs  wields 2 weapons in combat, a rapier called Othello and a broadsword called Namaste. Hunters are specially trained fighters that can wield unusual combinations of weapons very quickly. He also has acess to a "Divine" bar. This is activated by pressing X, just like Jin's Burning ability. The bar charges in two ways, either by charging it up, or it will fill itself up whenever Aragazs is hit, as long as the bar is already partially charged. When fully charged, the bar slowly drains and Aragazs gains increased strength and super armor against projectiles as long as the bar has energy. Aragazs does not have any additional attacks while in this state. However, unlike Jin, Aragazs has 3 completely different skills while in Divine mode

Skills Edit

1st MP: Holy Smash- Aragazs jumps in the air and does a spining attack with his rapier that sends random enemies into the air, then slashes downward with his broadsword, sending one enemy hurtling to the ground.

2nd MP: Dual Flash Slice- Aragazs draws both of his weapons very quickly, making an earthquake that makes rocks rain down from both sides of the stage, until they reach the middle of the stage.

3rd MP: Commanding Cross- Aragazs makes an X with both of his weapons, then slashes rapidly making energy blades fly in every direction.

Divine Skills Edit

1st MP: Blessed Thrash- Aragazs takes out only his broadsword and does a series of large sword swipes that pin the enemy to the ground and make them bounce in the air.

2nd MP: Fury Of The Light- Aragazs throws both of his swords like a boomerang, one vertically, one horizontally and when he catches them on their return, he stabs them into the ground, making a pillar of light.

3rd Mp: Fear No Evil- Aragazs draws his swords and charges forward to the end of the stage, then forces his body to erupt with energy!

Unlocking Edit

Hunter is Aragazs' first job and does not need to be unlocked.