Divided Tower, Or Hackredoic Dungeon, Is A Dungeon On Tyrenna That Players Are Level 94. First, Darahann, Nessonur & Alason. Next Is Random Rooms, One Has Four Bloodwind Ergates, Four Triforyas & Four Mini Fire Drekkas. Next Is The Trio Room, There's Two Burnoras Of Shock & Ice On Each Map. Finnaly, The Boss DemonGass' Boss Lair Is Reached.

Enemies Edit

First Room Edit

Darahann Lvl 44

Nessonur Lvl 34

Alason Lvl 54

Second Rooms Edit

Stage 2-1: Bloodwind Ergate Lvl 64

Stage 2-2: Triforya Lvl 64

Stage 2-3: Mini Fire Drekka Lvl 64

Third Room Edit

Ice Burnora Lvl 74

Lightning Burnora Lvl 74

Fourth Room Edit

Spirit Firgate Warrior Lvl 24

Bloodwind Orc Lvl 24

Spirit DemonGass Lvl 94

DemonGass Lvl 94

Story Edit

Beginning Edit

Elesis: What Is THIS?!

Josh, Zero & Dio: It's A Sand N Fire N Lightning Filled Tower!

Dio: Let's Fight These Enemies!

Elesis: (Going To Work As A Team) Charge!!!!

Boss Edit

DemonGass: Wahahahahahaha! Time To Steal Nemophilla!

Elesis: Nooooo...

Nemophilla: Aaaaaaaaa!

Dio, Josh, Elesis, & Zero: Let's Die DemonGass! Charge!!!

Post-Boss Battle Edit

DemonGass: Aaaaaaiiiiieeeee!

Themes Edit

Theme Castle B

Boss Theme Evil Dio

Second Hackredoic Dungeon Edit

Galaxy Of Hell Will Take Roll On January 30, 2011 About The New Hackredoic Boss Named DragonDiamond Invited The Mini Ice Golems, Gargoyles, Violet Demon Fairys, Blue Anmon Scouts, & The Mini Boss, Darahann & Galaxy Of Hell Is A Icicle, Flame, & Lightninged Mountain Furnace.

Trivia Edit

  • These Second Rooms' Doors Were Used Within Grand Chase Fan World ChampionShip 2010.