GC Fan Chara No 1 Haruna by DiamondShatter

full scaled picture of haruna

Cherry Priestess


  • 1st job: Cherry Priestess
  • 2nd Job: (unknown)

Description Edit

Haruna has two oversized bells designed to look cherries to use in battle and to cast white magic.(one cherry is held in each hand.)

Unlocking Edit

This is the job haruna comes with when she is unlocked

Abilities & Combos Edit

Petal Pulse (Z ->)

This move is similar to Ronan's Psychic Force.

Basic combo (Z Z Z Z Z)

Double Smash (-> -> Z)

Battle Magic Edit

Bell smash Edit

(Consumes 1 mp)

Like the name says!

Cherry Bomber Edit

(Consumes 2 mp)

Haruna holds her two huge cherry bells and throws them at her enemies. Impact causes explosion

Petal Tornado Edit

(Consumes 3 mp)

Targets enemies on screen marked with a flower petal. Small tornadoes will cover enemies causing damage. The small tornadoes will come together to make huge tornado for huge damage

White magic (Bells bloom when switched to white magic) Edit

Healing plant Edit

(Consumes 1 mp)

Heals Allies in the area

Seed Buster Edit

(Consumes 2 mp)

Shoots seeds from bloomed bells

Flora's Garden Edit

(Consumes 3 mp)

However many enemies are in the screen, flowers will bloom under them causing massive damage