Thralk Sabrille Zath Athras Keyava

Fan Character AthrasEdit



Gender Male
Race Human (?)
Hometown Unknown

Sword, Gauntlets, Trident, Staff, Mirror, Quill, Wings

Original Job Unknown
Age Unknown
Affiliations Highlander Gods

Made By: Zsashas (AKA Shakermach, Malijk, Durggan, Morak Samasa)

Weapons Edit

Athras only has 1 job, so he has no job change missions. Instead, he gets a mission to unlock a new weapon every 10 levels.

Level Required Weapon Name Mode of Attack
0 Sword of Time

Melee attacks. Can also separate into 2 smaller blades.

10 Gauntlets of Creation

Punching attacks. Can also summon balls of Nothing or create Nithlings.

20 Aqua Trident

Melee attacks. Can freeze enemies or call up tidal waves.

30 Staff of Order

Used to order enemies to stop attacking or attack each other. Can transform into a broadsword for melee attacks.

40 Mirror of Transport Can be thrown like a boomerang disc or used to create a crystal prism that can be used to teleport back to once. Can also reflect magic attacks.
50 Quill of Magic

Writes words in the air that attack enemies, bind them in place, or heal.


Wings of Power

Launches feather arrows and forms into a shield. Also has the ability to use all seven weapons at once in an ultimate attack.

Holy Spirit Edit

Holy Spirit is Athras's 3rd level skill for all weapons. It summons a creature that attacks enemies or defends allies

Level Required Spirit Description
0 Jade Frog

A giant frog that is capable of swallowing enemies whole.

10 Sun Bear

A large bear with a sun crest on its front and giant claws.


Wave Carp

Huge fish that swims in circles in the air around enemies, confusing them.

30 Lightning Snake

A snake that spits acid or poison, or bites and poisons enemies. 


Beast of Darkness

An enormous wyvern that attacks all enemies.
50 Rain Raven

A large raven that summons a storm.

60 Eternal Guardian A giant golden knight that wields twin jagged ssanggeom. Inflicts a random status effect on ALL enemies (possible effects: poison cloud, curse, freeze, ember burn, petrify, disarm, magic binding).

Armor SetsEdit

Athras has several unique armor sets available for purchase in the Shop. All armor sets include their mantle.


Dawn's Armor (Lvl 25)

Noon's Armor (Lvl 25)

Dusk's Armor (Lvl 25)


Fetcher (Canine) (Lvl 10)

Bibliophage (Serpentine) (Lvl 20)

Cocigrue (Skeletal) (Lvl 30)

Scoucher (Aquarian) (Lvl 40)

Nightsweeper (Equine) (Lvl 50)

Nithling Armor Package (Contains the first five armor sets)

Grannow-Hoinch (Mythic) (Lvl 60)

Architect (Lvl 70)